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Statistical analysis revealed significant correlations at or beyond the .
The DI would not have significant OID and would not trigger the AHYDO provisions; see Exhibit 2 for the "annual" significant OID calculation.
Low, for accounts where there is no reasonable potential for the account to be misstated by a significant or material amount.
For both new and routine expenditures, a close examination of asset classification prior to procurement and/or placing assets in service can result in significant savings in federal, state and local taxes.
While a significant burden, these cost increases may actually help the industry by forcing fleet companies to better utilize risk-management techniques, expand safety management practices and finetune the methods of training of drivers, as well as increase attention on total vehicle maintenance.
5468 g, has five significant figures compared to a value such as 5.
The third category of covered opinions is written advice that relates to a transaction, plan or arrangement, a significant purpose of which is avoidance or evasion of federal tax.
Our study found that the harmonic scalpel was associated with a significant decrease in intraoperative blood loss, a slight decrease in early postoperative pain, and an apparent increase in the risk of delayed bleeding.
Energy self sufficiency is achievable in most operations with significant improvements in just two areas, both associated with water removal: 1) product drying and 2) water removal from spent pulping liquors.

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