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The Government has yet to publish any significant detail on its 'British Bill of Rights', but the content and implications of the initial proposals are deeply worrying," it reads.
The CBK report covers in significant detail the performance of the banking system, assessing their role as financial intermediaries, their management of various risks and their ability to withstand major shocks.
GVA has recently released The Birmingham Future Office Demand, a report that examines in significant detail the level of occupational demand that we're likely to see for high quality office space in the city over the next decade.
The researchers say their findings, published in the journal Current Biology, add significant detail to the evolutionary story of this diverse and highly successful group of arthropods, which are found on every continent except Antarctica.
The emphasis is on presenting the broad basics rather than delving into any specific topics in significant detail.
More specifically, the Sunshine Act requires drug, biological and medical supply manufacturers (including group purchasing organizations (GPOs)) to report, in significant detail, payments made to physicians and other medical institutions to the Federal Government on an annual basis.
Each case is described in significant detail, and Joes generally achieves a good balance between the level of specific detail and the larger lessons for theoretical analysis.
Given the tribes' diverse approaches toward the broad goals of reducing crime and improving safety, evaluators examined the accomplishments of each tribe individually and in significant detail.
CD has already been successful in exporting their skills and capabilities in overseas markets and has recently been carrying out significant detail engineering projects for clients in the offshore sector in the Caspian Sea region from their head offices in Newcastle.
The BHA is not like public companies such as Ladbrokes, William Hill or Arena Leisure, which are in the throes of putting out unaudited figures for 2009, but even when it does go through the statutory process the results are bereft of significant detail.
Asked whether Talat voiced a preference to continue discussions on the governance chapter which the two had covered in significant detail during intensified meetings in January, Christofias replied: "Talat can state whatever he likes.
This report provides significant detail on the raw materials that go into the coatings manufacturing process.

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