significant event

See: landmark
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Conference organizers are merging Energy and Geospatial Information Management into the 2007 event, which is now recognized as the most significant event for environmental policy makers, practitioners, and professionals.
Moreover, immediately following a significant event, the company retains its exposure base, and subsequent events can occur prior to the implementation of any risk mitigation strategies.
A common significant event is when a CFC has reportable Subpart F income under Sec.
This is definitely a significant event from a national perspective," says Nicholas Nikolakakis, the company's treasurer.
Bednar (Sheed and Ward, 1996) is a significant event, perhaps of special interest to readers of Cross Currents, which published a number of Lynch's essays in the '60s.
For the purposes of answering this question, a significant event is one that is a fatal event as defined by AirSafe.
Any significant event that happened in your command during a calendar year is fair game.
The Court decided that the actual treatment of patients by Soliman, who was an anesthesiologist, was the most significant event in his professional transactions.
Pnina Fishman CEO of Can-Fite, said today that "commencing this trial is a highly significant event in the life of our Company.
This conference has become the most significant event for environmental policy makers, practitioners and professionals.
I think that is a very, very significant event for the world, for Asia and also for the insurance and reinsurance industry.

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