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Fe concentration levels of all groups were significantly different from each other, except MAL+CAPE groups Fe levels.
At both ozone concentrations, the counts of Listeria were significantly influenced by the number of spray applications.
Treatment of ovariectomized mice with o,p'-DDT or methoxychlor significantly shortened the time to development of renal disease compared with controls (Figure 1A, B).
Pairwise comparisons showed students with no or little math anxiety scored significantly higher in self-confidence than students with high math anxiety.
Applying the CII "best practices" during these phases will significantly improve the potential of the project for success.
multilocularis in foxes was significantly higher in the urban periphery than in more central areas (17), and the infection risk for alveolar echinococcosis might therefore be concentrated mainly in delimited areas in the urban periphery (16).
We expected that those students who were in class on one of the three quiz days would have significantly higher scores on the next test that followed the quiz than those students who were not in class on the quiz day.
"By doubling the storage capacity over the T9840A and T9840B, StorageTek's T9840C drives will enable us to use significantly less tape library space to do more work, and add more drives to extend the power and value of our StorageTek libraries," said Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere, storage manager, CEA / DAM (Commissariat a l'Energie Atomique /Direction des Applications Militaires).
Among the patients who completed the 28-week, randomized, double-blind trial, 97 patients taking memantine had deteriorated significantly less in cognitive functioning and activities of daily living, compared with 84 placebo patients.
Investment activity also increased significantly in the office and multifamily sectors, but declined for hotels, which continue to suffer from the fallout of the events of September 11 and the weakened economy.
Overall, male students (44.5%) were significantly more likely than female students (26.6%) to have rarely or never worn a motorcycle helmet.
RESULTS: TSH concentrations did not differ significantly between week 0 and week 4 in the placebo group (P = 0.16) but increased significantly in both the low-dose kelp (P = 0.04) and high-dose kelp (P = 0.002) groups.