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Her topics are entangled identities: space, mobility, and individuation; displacement: the problematics of self-space and the trauma of identification; the function of the self-narration; and homeland re-focalized: shifted significations and a less traumatized style.
In what follows, I will first reveal, step by step, the dual trajectory of signification in Ambrose Bierce's "A Horseman in the Sky" (1891), prefacing the analysis with a brief summary of existing criticisms.
His best season as a rider came in 1952 when he rode 17 winners, including the Ebor Handicap on Signification and the Ayr Gold Cup on Vatellus, both of whom were owned by Bird.
An important argument is that, for him, signification is fulfilled with love, idea that follows the doctrine of agapism (evolution by the principle of love), and therefore, a person's learning should be the result of a free choice, as freedom is the main characteristic of love, and ultimately the true condition for growth.
For him 'S' or signifier does not directly lead to 's' signified but leads to another signifier which further leads to some other signifier and in this way the process of signification moves on and on which finally resolves in the unconscious where 'reality ' being unattainable is not obtained.
Land and canvass are surfaces of multilayer signification and Abrigo deploys both as weapons of subversion.
In the age of constant political ecological and economic crisis, all visual material made with analog or digital photography and all the online photography archive available has achieved new functions to convey messages for deciphering the meaning and signification of these crises.
He intelligently shows how the origin of life and the increasingly emergent complexity of organisms reflect the capacity of all life (especially human life) to practice signification.
General manager Fergal Harte said: "It's an exciting time to join a brand new team and we are thrilled to have such a signification number of roles to fill.
An enormous literature claiming to be of linguistic or semantic origin is now seen as derisively ideological for its failure to observe this elementary distinction between signification and meaning.
Our research objectives have been: the investigation of personal safety; the investigation of the signification of personal safety.
During the course of proceedings, Film Workers Association stated that censor board was playing a signification role in illegally exhibiting Indian movies in the country.