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Paradoxically, and yet quite rationally, the promotion of the building was accompanied by a promotion of signs, words, and speech, which erupted together with the significations to which they corresponded.
L'une de ces significations est que le Tres Haut a voulu honorer son messager en le rapprochant de Lui, un honneur dont Dieu n'a entoure aucun autre prophete.
Ainsi, le constructivisme s'arroge la revendication scientifique de reveler la modalite par laquelle le savoir, constitueE d'idees, de symboles, de concepts, de significations et de pratiques discursives, modele la facon dont les agents comprennent, interpretent et construisent le monde.
Organized as a festschrift in honor of the late British music theorist Raymond Monelle, this collection of 22 papers explores the semiotics of music, or, in other words, the ways in which music signifies, with a key theme of the volume being the issue of how musical signification is intermodally-connected (or networked) with dramatic, historical, political, and social narratives.
Social structures are defined as rules including codes of signification or the constitution of meaning (signification structures), normative elements (legitimation structures) and command over authoritative and allocative resources, (Giddens, 1984), that enable the exercise of power (domination structures).
This implies that our knowledge of God is always confused, insofar as we are incapable of comprehending how a multiplicity of denominations can retain their primary significations if they are absolutely identical with the essence to which they are predicated.
Simulation has been executed with a goal to minimize number of product days in the final product warehouse, by changing factors of significations a1, a2 and a3.
This moment, in which the boys read race in the "NO TRESPASSIN" sign, is full of significations, as Buck clearly implies in the answer he constructs: "no dogs n niggers erllowed" expresses their full awareness and defiance of the convoluted logic in the "ethics of living Jim Crow.
Since terms have their significations by virtue of being subordinated to such concepts, the differences between the significations and types of signification of different terms are dependent on what types of concepts they are subordinated to.
The classical topics are not abandoned, but major attention is given to eight other new themes which often overlap each other: the history of debates, communication, terms, language, public spaces, media, intellectuals; the history of memory, lieux de memoire, symbols, rituals, myths, significations of objects; the history of values, social norms, social models; the history of identities, national, transnational, social, ethnic ones, and at the same time, a very prominent topic, the history of the other; the history of women; the history of migration, transfers, rise of ethnic groups and of hybrid societies; the history of consumption; the history of religion.
There has never been anything but writing; there have [sic] never been anything but supplements, substitutive significations which could only come forth in a chain of differential references, the "real" supervening, and being added only while taking on meaning from a trace and from an invocation of the supplement, etc.
This seems an entirely plausible account, but it must be kept in mind that Zemankova herself was reticent when it came to discussions of symbolic or mystical significations in her work.