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Certainly that escape from the missions was a survival method for individuals, as the lower classes of this region were reinforced by the exodus, but at the same time that dispersal signified the gradual disappearance of the Guarani mission Indians as a collective body.
Consent for the deceased spouse is made by the executor or administrator; consent for a decedent can be signified by the surviving spouse only if no executor or administrator is appointed.
T) were created to fill the gap between the qualifications of professional engineers and technicians, and a new diploma (the DEUG) signified successful completion of two years of university study, whereas the traditional licence signified at least three years.
The pigtail wigs, granny sweaters, and black knee-highs her subjects donned signified the shame that was her initial focus, lending her work energy and lending her power.
The volume never offers a single, stable definition or location for the term, but, generally speaking, it is used to refer to an encounter with some disorienting otherness that signified the undeniable presence of meaningfulness even as it suspended or even cancelled all the familiar landmarks of meaning.
11] While the assumed link between photographic signifier (the photograph) and photographic signified (the subject represented) may prove more tenacious than the visually arbitrary linguistic signifier, it is still possible to repeat visual codes "with a difference" (Gates 51), and thereby trouble the assumed naturalness of photographic representation.