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The steward made a gesture that signified, "I do not know.
That established the thing's identity; its character as ghost was signified by all the customary signs--the shroud, the long, undone hair, the "far-away look"--everything.
Sabin looked up for a moment, but he signified his assent.
When I have intimated that the foreigner with the scar was a member of the Brotherhood (admitted in Italy after Pesca's departure from his native country), and when I have further added that the two cuts, in the form of a T, on the left arm of the dead man, signified the Italian word "Traditore," and showed that justice had been done by the Brotherhood on a traitor, I have contributed all that I know towards elucidating the mystery of Count Fosco's death.
He signified, sir,' said John, 'that he wanted a large apartment.
Without imaginability, perceived both as a human capacity and an aspect of motivated signifieds, we cannot represent the arbitrary sounds of linguistic expressions as meaningful.