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As a literary device, in a text like The Land of Spices, the enigmatic signifier becomes still more complicated, in that it operates in two dimensions at once: for the characters within the narrative and for the readers of the narrative, thereby knitting together the eroticism represented with the erotics of reading.
Signifiers and Acts: Freedom in Lacan's Theory of the Subject.
But, further, trans-identifying also produces a social identity, a subject or group subject-position of persons who penetrate self-identifying practices of the dominant relations of the group and find themselves penetrating and identifying new spaces to create new norms within the dominant chains of signifiers and identities of schools and society.
In this carefully constructed play, "goat" changes from a positive to negative signifier that becomes arbitrarily connected with blackness.
We are left with a logical impossibility: an imaginary sense of time--"now's even later than the future"--and a description of what often happens when the signifier is subordinated to the signified in the interpretive process: "sound reduced to meaning.
Terry Eagleton calls this a "circular" process in which "signifiers keep transforming into signifieds and vice versa," resulting in the inability to "arrive at a final signified which is not a signifier in itself" (111).
Dwell" is not only weighted but fleshed out by the embedded signifier that names the alpha and omega of seigneurial existence and endeavor, an amphibological homophone that is the last signifier of the poem and its last word, even if it is not the last word.
For whether students identify with the object of this desire, or with the desiring subject (the teacher), in either case they will seek (to find or to be) a master signifier provided by a subject supposed to know.
The problem comes in why this constitutes a "profound crisis" or "a deeply disturbing gulf" between signified and signifier or between what we might call the mirror and the object it is reflecting.
He defines the key signifier as a term or phrase that triggers a collective memory or a community value that is overarching and all-encompassing, a phrase which functions aggressively in the literary context to spur the audience to action.
Before receiving a pink slip from the large condom company where he works, a dull, poker-faced straight accountant named Francois Pignon (his name a Gallic signifier of geekiness) first opts to jump from his balcony.
In the future the VAIO symbol will appear on a variety of Sony audio, video, computer and communication products as a signifier of their convergence capabilities.