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Under the terms of the Series B round, Steffen Kastner, former managing director of Goldman Sachs, and Robert Sullivan, former CEO, COO and founder of Capital Holdings and the current regional president of Fifth Third Bancorp, will join the chairman Kieran Gallahue on Signifier's board.
Articulation means specific discourse for getting other meaning signifier systems and giving new meanings and identities to them, for example if an Islamic discourse attempts to enter the liberal discourse concepts in its semantic framework and give new meanings to them, articulation has happened.
To be more exact, the sacredness of the people in populism can also be understood through the famous claim by Ernesto Laclau, that the notion of the people functions as an 'empty signifier', similar to the absence of God in religion.
The pursuit of the object-cause of desire and jouissance refers to the void imposed by the signifier on the living organism.
The signifier of air-conditioner has no concrete meaning at its back.
If this is starting to sound familiar, it is, because the signifiers in this instance can be compared to the metadata used to create bibliographic records and classification schemes, which can point us to the right document, the right subsection of a larger document, or even the physical location of a document within a library.
Instead, he sends an empty signifier to his friend in the form of a note that does not signify anything for his friend, an act which defies the sense of origin and telos in the metaphysical space of signification.
Moving away from the scholarly preoccupation with stereotypes of the Asian figure, King mines mise-en-scene instead for Orientalist signifiers. Wandering across a diversity of texts, he considers the ways in which characters and artists attempt to translate foreign climates and those who inhabit them.
Lacan argues that it is only through the prior curving of subjective space, the beginnings of what will become the 'logic of the signifier' (7) that outside/inside, self/other distinctions might begin to impinge upon the senses, to be fixed at the level of the imaginary in the ideal-ego qua image of the other.
Since there is no genuine content to "model partnership," I argue that "model partnership" is an "empty signifier." (3) Argentinean political theorist Ernesto Laclau works on the concept in a political context.
Of course, the paternal function and the phallic signifier are key concerns in Lacanian psychoanalysis and to the normal (neurotic) development of the subject.
The Wandering Signifier contains an introduction, three central chapters and a conclusion.