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Bradwardine's practice not only justices the attribution of these principles; it helps to clarify (and possibly even correct) Bradwardine's expression of his second postulate: "every sentence signifies or means everything which follows from it" (Bradwardine, 2010, [paragraph]6.
I don't think (their reluctance) signifies a flaw in the system,'' she said.
On the one hand, Arcangeli seems to suggest, the signal appears as the deterministic variant of the sign: It signifies only one thing, because it has been conceived precisely to avoid errors, for clarity of communication.
Navy Achieves High Click-Through-Rate and Raises Consumer Awareness; Signifies Surge in Interest for Click-to-Video Mobile Advertisements
Being a seventh son becomes a curse insofar as it alienates and renders black Americans invisible and unseen (the "veil" signifies the color line), yet it also constitutes a blessing in that it bestows a measure of clairvoyance and "second-sight"--i.
Musician may groove and toke in order to "escape," but the flat, no-nonsense, nonillusionistic way he's painted signifies he's stuck struggling with the real.
Odysseus' "cross" meant freedom from the passions; Jesus' cross signifies freedom from sin and from death.
Our exponential growth in activity signifies substantial validation for the firm's activities as a leader in the direct secondary market," said Kenneth Sawyer, managing director of Saints Capital.
Feasting is an integral part of the holiday, which signifies a new beginning with the hopes of good luck and prosperity for family and friends.
A linguistic unit signifies only by its difference from other linguistic signifiers; but beyond (and before) signification there is perhaps an ontological sameness.
The Latin phrase `non constat de supernaturalitate' signifies that at the present stage of investigation, it is not yet possible to declare the supernatural reality of the phenomena, but that such a possibility remains open for the future.
A written authorization from a government agency signifies that the funds have been allocated in their annual budget for the specific project and the authorization is the commitment to proceed with the work under the terms of a negotiated contract between the parties.