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It takes just a few minutes to configure any VPN server to connect to the "On-Demand' Signify service and there is no new hardware or software to install on the customer site.
According to Gibbard, Andy's words signify the very same property as we signify with the predicate "is the right thing to do" --the property which normative theorists are actively trying to identify.
The corpse becomes a surface used to signify betrayal of Islamic values or the Islamist movement.
Children can make ancient Bavarian-style family heirlooms called wimples - textile art designed to signify significant life-cycle events - at Skirball Cultural Center's Spirit of the Times.
Security tokens, packaging, user documents and the Signify IMC Web site can all be branded to give the end user a consistent impression of the partner's overall security service.
He reconstructs his data into a linear narrative of "continuous history" by tracing patterns of Freedom Day festivities in order to signify a cohesive thought process and "collective" identity of African Americans "between the early nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
The other thing the protests signify is that the people's voice is vastly different from that of their government.
Did non-involvement signify successful resistance or were villages simply waiting for a more propitious time to become engaged?
I'm not sure which would be more depressing--that she thinks hairless crotches somehow do not signify or, alternatively, that she thinks they somehow interrogate the modeling and culture industries' infantilization of women.
Brian Shore, Park's President and CEO, said, "We chose the new Nelcote(TM) name to signify the unification of the Park Electrochemical Advanced Materials businesses and product lines under the Nelco(R), Neltec(R) and now Nelcote(TM) names.
In the early-modern period, in short, wonder marked the very limits of intelligibility even as it appeared to signify a presence that could neither be ignored nor articulated.
Chip Hines, Program Manager for the Disaster Management eGov Initiative Office of the Chief Information Officer Emergency Preparedness and Response/FEMA Department of Homeland Security, noted, "Not only does the publication of the CAP OASIS Standard signify an increase in capability to send alerts, it also shows that the process works--that the emergency community is ready, willing, and able to bring standards into their operations.