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During the procession, men carried a huge log and dance in a pool of mud, signifying a divine weapon to chase away pestilence and all sorts of diseases and evils.
s theory of signifying to explain both Cane's revision of the white pastoral and also Gaines's, Morrison's, and Naylor's intertextual engagements with Cane.
In chapter 14, Gibbard tries to show that planners in general commit themselves to this type of hegemonic practice: planners act as if they were all signifying the same property with the term "is the right thing to do" and each takes his or her own opinions about what property this is to be the correct one.
The Medieval European Stage provides a wealth of documentary evidence for medieval theater across Europe; Signifying God posits the York Corpus Christi cycle as a type of sacramental, civic theater.
Alternatively, one could argue that for Marrouchi the style is the theory; that as a sometimes Derridean, when he calls his book a "prologue" (2002, 31), he does not expect it to arrive at its goal but to defer such arrival indefinitely; and that he fully expects his readers to deconstruct his myth of a twentieth century origin of world literature, and in so doing to acquire a more multifaceted sense of postcolonial signifying than one could do within the confines of a conventional theory in which claims are taken literally.
This word has long lost its literal meaning as an adjective signifying "with hope," as in, "He looked hopefully into her eyes.
4] Violence uses the corpse as an instrument for social mapping alongside the performative acts signifying the recovery of tradition (traditional tradition) on the way to remaking some idealized world.
The judge is thus installed in the midst of a signifying chain, receiving and reciting the law and, in the reciting, echoing forth the authority of the law.
Check cards are banking/ATM cards enhanced with point-of-sale (POS) features and the Visa or Interlink logo, signifying acceptance at participating merchants.
The author discusses why a CPT code should be viewed as signifying nothing other than the existence of the procedure.
Measurement and results of the campaign indicated a significant clickthrough rate on phones with auto-play features, signifying that the video was well received by the target audience for its engagement and entertainment value.
The Signifying Dish: Autobiography and History in Two Black Women's Cookbooks.