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Ahmed Sulaiman, a UAE national, said the Dibba-Massafi road needs larger signposts in areas like Al Halah, Al Teeba, Al Khleibah and Wadi Al Sadr.
Thanks to funding from the Impetus Environmental Trust, Redcar and Cleveland Council commissioned metal sculptor Jim Roberts to create the signposts, which have been placed at road junctions along the borough's part of the 160km Teesdale Way.
Talking of signposts, has anyone other than me noticed there's one in Church Street directing people to XU furniture store in nearby Cornwell Street, even though the shop has been gone for more than a year and is now an excellent restaurant, Purnell's?
A Garda spokesman said that anybody caught defacing signposts would be liable to prosecution.
Signpost 1: Arm Pricing Departments with Industry Leading Budgets - Top companies support their global, US and European affiliate-level pricing departments with budgets large enough to support pricing analysis during each stage of product development .
The Internet needs more signposts, in more languages, to satisfy more uses and users.
She said signposts were also essential for the private sector's dependency on road haulage to transport goods.
Certain images record the signs of human presence (advertising or movie posters, signposts, decorations painted on the doors of beach cabanas) and, through the effects of cropping, reveal their coexistence with fragments of a landscape on the verge of disappearance; these images seek out collisions, as in one that shows fragments of two posters--the legs of a pinup and a death notice.
It also signposts a major urban redevelopment of the languishing Batignolles neighbourhood, using the Olympics as a catalyst.
Gaze into Motley's eyes in his Self-Portrait (1920), read the signposts Mooney describes and see the man as he wished us to see him.
The winner will get to see their design on signposts, litter bins and advertising as well as riding away on a brand new mountain bike.
The book, Bootle Signposts, details how the town's streets have transformed and grown.