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If after having done all this you still find that either a mist appears above your silage clamp or that around the edges of the clamp the grass has turned orange then leave well alone and ensure all livestock is also kept away because it could kill them too,' said Dr Davies.
He has already invested pounds 50,000 on a new silage clamp and believes a modern parlour is essential if his 240 Holsteins are to be milked more efficiently.
The steading was moved out of the farm's central village location and a new building was erected for the finishing cattle as well as a silage clamp, making management easy with everything on one site.
However, the yard at one end of the buildings which is next to the silage clamp produces dirty water in the winter which has been collected in an underground tank for about 20 years.
3 Beneficial use of waste (for example use of tyres on the silage clamp or waste paper as animal bedding)
The south end of the building houses the new 48 x 48 Westfalia herringbone parlour on the first floor which is also attached to existing cubicle accommodation converted from a former silage clamp three years ago.