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After many conjectures, Mademoiselle Roguin came to the conclusion that the Italian's silence showed a grandeur of soul beyond all praise; and the banking circle, inspired by her, formed a project to humiliate the aristocracy.
The vengeance Mademoiselle Roguin and her companions were inflicting on Mademoiselle Thirion and her group had, therefore, the fatal effect of driving the young ULTRAS to search for the cause of the silence so obstinately maintained by Ginevra di Piombo.
They walked on in silence as people walking in their sleep, and were oddly conscious now and again of the mass of their bodies.
They stood hand in hand for a minute or two in silence. They could not bear to face other people.
"Silence!" he said, speaking sternly to Grace for the first time.
Nicholson digested the vile tidings in silence, and when John stole a glance at his father's countenance, he was abashed to see the marks of suffering.
When at last, as by the touching of a spring, he returned again to clearness of consciousness and even a measure of composure, the bells had but just done ringing, and the Sabbath silence was still marred by the patter of belated feet.
There was a dead silence. The officers and men looked at each other confusedly.
All the officers agreed, with the one exception of Wardour, who still kept silence.
We took our midnight meal almost in silence; for an unusual nervousness seemed to have seized on my old friend.
Returning in silence to his seat, therefore, he remained for some minutes most civilly answering all Mrs.
There was a silence which seemed composed of many elements.