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Silentium Air SPS 360 is a sound proofing and fire protection system which fully replaces existing aircraft insulation.
Silence was especially prescribed - aefter regoles bebode, as the introduction to the Indicia states - on several occasions of a monk's daily life: a) in church and related monastic dependencies where religious duties were attended, b) at the refectory, where a summum silentium was required so that only the voice of the reader was heard ("ut nullius musitatio vel vox nisi solius legentis ibi audiator", 38: 5), and c) in the dormitory, during the no cturnal hours following compline, when any breach of this precept carried with it severe punishment ("Quod si inventus fuerit quisquam praevaricare hanc tacitumitatis regulam, gravi vindictae subiaceat", 42: 8-9).
13) The term "silence" comes from the Latin silentium which means to abstain, to forebear from speech.
NESS-ZIONA, Israel, July 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Silentium joins efforts with Quiet Mark and utilizes its noise-cancelling technology to bring "the quiet revolution" one step further by reducing exposure to chronic noise.
Adapted from systems for cutting noise emissions used to attenuate perceived noise in aeronautics and automotive, Sil-K ACT, developed in partnership with Silentium , an Israeli leader in development of silent technologies, has been made even more powerful for use on a wide variety of models on display at Eurocucina 2014, starting with vertically installed cooker hoods such as Infinity and Jolie .
2) "Pulcherrime tamen se habent ultimorum carminum desinentiae, si cum rithmo in silentium cadunt" (De vulgari eloquentia 2.
Quoius orationi, fatigato disputationibus senatu, recentius silentium accommodabatur?
Analog Devices' low cost, high performance processors are central to our success in delivering exceptional ANC functionality," said Yoel Naor, director of products, Silentium.
Silentium (Rehovot, Israel) and GE Energy (Houston, TX), will collaborate on the development of active noise control for power generation ventilation.
Produced in collaboration with Faber & Silentium, a leading Israeli developer of silent technologies, Sil-K ACT reduces noise by 13 decibels
Hic segnior, ille vigilantior; hic tardior, ille celerior; hic mestior, ille letior; denique hic stultior, prudentior ille quam vellem; huius silentium, illius procacitas; huius pondus ac pinguedo, illius macies atque imbecillitas terrebat; huius frigida incuriositas, illius ardens occupatio dehortabatur.
Colfax addresses the need for acoustic noise reduction with an innovative Active Noise Control (ANC) solution from Silentium.