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New Delhi [India], Jan 14 ( ANI ): Responding to Chief of Army Staff General Bipin Rawat's remark on schools in Jammu and Kashmir instilling wrong information into students' mind, the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) on Sunday questioned the Army Chief's extensive media engagements, adding that the Army "used to work silently and strongly.
The shopkeepers were content with the machine which cleaned the avenue silently on Thursday.
We were just there silently and for that kami ay nagpapasalamat, she said.
The video, filmed by a passenger and aired on several television channels, shows the two young women hitting, punching and beating their harassers with a belt, as other passengers silently look on.
Such manifested behaviors provide evidence that there are secondary students who cannot or choose not to read silently.
Deutsche Bank AutobahnA Equity Releases the Stealth Strategy Algorithm Deutsche Bank's AutobahnA Equity business, within its Global Markets division, announced today the global availability of an algorithm based on Deutsche Bank's proprietary "Stealth" strategy, which silently executes difficult orders in over 30 markets around the world.
We lift them for X-rays and help turn their torn bodies for treatment, praying aloud with those who wish it, and silently for all.
Newborn fallow deer, though, hide silently in undergrowth.
In 1875, during the 19th century's worst wave of anti-black violence, Bruce sat silently in the U.
Their strength, endurance, and vast lifespans often make them eyewitnesses to history's most devastating horrors, but they silently take their secrets to the grave.
For our first exercise, everyone -- male and female alike -- was instructed in meditation, with a choice of four chants (Buddhist, Christian, Jewish or nonsectarian) to focus on silently.
These silently dissatisfied customers are a huge and hidden risk to your business.