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As the music ceased, with a soft, rustling sound the Elves spread their shining wings, and flew silently over the sleeping earth; the flowers closed their bright eyes, the little winds were still, for the feast was over, and the Fairy lessons ended.
The valet went out of the room, this time by the centre door, but still as silently as before; one might have fancied him an apparition.
Rapidly and silently Hook gave his orders: one man to each tree, and the others to arrange themselves in a line two yards apart.
The fellow did not see the huge form which silently loomed behind him.
Three hours later several canoes came silently into view from up the Ugambi.
And as he proceeded he passed many another group sitting silently upon other balconies.
He saw the white giant standing silently looking down upon the old man.
As they stood debating with many angry shouts and much gesticulating, one of the Arabs sank silently to the ground in their very midst--a thin arrow protruding from his heart.
Nikita, wrapping his coat closely about him and pressing his head down so close to his shoulders that his short beard covered his throat, sat silently, trying not to lose the warmth he had obtained while drinking tea in the house.
We crept cautiously and silently from tree to tree till we got a good view of the scene.
At command, he silently got on the chair and silently sat there.
White Fang, bristling silently, half-crouching as he rose, sank back and watched the hostile act repeated.