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'Will [the] world silently witness another Srebrenica-type massacre and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in IOK?
'Will the world silently witness another Srebrenica-type massacre and ethnic cleansing of Muslims in IoK?,' Imran Khan asked in a series of tweets and warned that India's brutalities in the occupied valley would further radicalise the Muslim world and set off cycles of violence.
Nikki said the burglar seemed extremely experienced - he silently removed an entire double glazing window from the wall of her Zetland Road home to enter.
[USA], Aug 23 ( ANI ): A lawyer representing United States President Donald Trump's former counsel Micheal Cohen described special counsel Robert Mueller as a "great man" who was "operating silently like a submarine."
A recovery mechanism launched by PNB in May 2017, a team visits the borrower's office or residence and sits there silently. Currently, there are 1,144 field staff members who are driving the mission.
She added: "Uncontrolled gambling is silently destroying lives and families.
'Previously, when prime minister were ousted, they would go home silently, but this is not the case now,' he said.
The most distinct feature of the machine is that it works silently with little energy.
Laparotomy was done and found that all the swallowed needles were migrated silently from Bowel.
Sisters' fightback fascinates India A VIDEO showing two sisters in northern India hitting back at men who allegedly harassed them on a crowded bus has drawn huge attention in a country where hundreds of thousands of women silently endure sexual harassment daily.
Every evening in Ypres, a crowd stands silently under the imposing Menin Gate - a nightly ritual since the late 1920s grand archway covering the route Allied soldiers took to the front lines during the First World War.
He silently became the president upon the demand of VMRO-DPMNE and will silently leave too," the party said.