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The black silhouette of Gow with his top hat and spade passed the window, dimly outlined against the darkening sky.
Stunning silhouette Wallace Monument silhouetted against a colourful sunset from South Alloa.
Inspired by the OZWEEGO 3, a lightweight and comfortable cushion runner silhouette from 1998, the new OZWEEGO silhouette adopts a futuristic design approach with a distinctive eye stay panel, defined midsole lines, and a translucent support tube.
Contract awarded for Vuolijoki - silhouette of a silhouette of a 110 kv power line
The recently launched collection features fashionable and timeless footwear for men and women that are emblazoned with the iconic Mickey Mouse silhouette, nostalgic artwork, and Mickey and Minnie icons.
Silhouette has launched its Accent Shades collection, which takes inspiration from its AOP Award-winning Accent Rings spectacles.
The sunset here offers great vistas for the keen photographer, which brings into the picture silhouette photography.
Fitted at the shoulders with plenty of ease at the hips, the pattern features two views/versions, including a straight silhouette and one with gathered side panels...
Benedict Biscop CE Academy has installed a near life-size 'Tommy' silent silhouette within its prominent garden entrance, donated by the Doxford team at EDF Energy.
To establish reference values for cardiac size in the Bonelli's eagle (Aquila fasciata), ventrodorsal radiographs of 20 healthy birds were obtained, and the width of the cardiac silhouette, sternum, thorax, coracoid, and hepatic silhouette were measured.
Synopsis: "Silhouette of the Sun" by Avery Davis is deftly scripted story of three strong and determined women, weathering love and loss in the pursuit of independence.
This time around, the wide-legged silhouette from decades past gets a modern, street-chic look.