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It can also be a complicated proposition, for it requires its own silicon chips, its own hardware devices and its own software management programs.
This seminar provides an opportunity for IT professionals to gain a complete insight into, and better understanding of, the silicon chip industry.
The Bristol Centre for Quantum Photonics has demonstrated precise control of four photons using a microscopic metal electrode lithographically patterned onto a silicon chip.
com/), World Silicon Chip Fingerprint Markets, finds that the market earned revenues of $113.
In their quest for faster and less-expensive devices, engineers have wanted to integrate both types of circuits onto single silicon chips.
This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled World Silicon Chip Fingerprint Market provides the market drivers, industry challenges, revenue forecasts, and market trends.
While still far from becoming a commercial product, we believe dozens, maybe even hundreds of hybrid silicon lasers could be integrated with other silicon photonic components onto a single silicon chip.
The research has been targeted at creation of a radically new silicon chip architecture that is exclusively dedicated to speech recognition and performs it vastly more efficiently than current state-of-art computers.
A DNA chip is a collection of DNA spots immobilized on a substrate, such as glass or a silicon chip, that can be used to genotype multiple regions of a genome by checking whether or not it binds with sample DNA.
SAN DIEGO -- Litel Instruments, a California Corporation, announced today the release of two new products designed to increase silicon chip performance and yield in leading edge semiconductor factories.
Researchers have known for some years how to slow light to a crawl under laboratory conditions, but actively controlling the light speed on a silicon chip, using standard silicon with standard micro- and nanoelectronic fabrication technology, is a first.
Although others have used light to carry signals, he adds, this is the first success with a single silicon chip, which would fit inside a computer.