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Verayo's authentication solutions exploit the electronic DNA of silicon chips to authenticate them, and can be easily integrated into many kinds of silicon chips, as complex as microprocessors, FPGAs, ASICs, smart cards, as well as simple passive RFID.
Step-by-step explanation of the silicon chip manufacturing process, complemented by a specially prepared video of the manufacturing process
The photons propagate in silica waveguides, much like in optical fibres, patterned on a silicon chip, and are manipulated with the electrode, resulting in a high-performance miniaturized device.
In their quest for faster and less-expensive devices, engineers have wanted to integrate both types of circuits onto single silicon chips.
This Frost & Sullivan research service entitled World Silicon Chip Fingerprint Market provides the market drivers, industry challenges, revenue forecasts, and market trends.
SAN DIEGO -- Litel Instruments, a California Corporation, announced today the release of two new products designed to increase silicon chip performance and yield in leading edge semiconductor factories.
The copper conducts heat away from the silicon chip, and the molybdenum, a metal that has a low thermal expansion, prevents the copper from swelling too much.
For some 50 years the semiconductor industry has relied on the ability to pack increasing numbers of electronic circuits on a single silicon chip to make those chips more powerful.
A neuron fused to a silicon chip represents a true meeting of the minds--one biological, the other computational.
The firm recently researched the worldwide biometrics industry, and recognized AuthenTec as the market leader in silicon chip fingerprint biometrics for the third time in a row.
Using a set of tiny weighing stations etched onto a silicon chip, researchers at the Duke University Medical Center in Durham, N.
Luxtera's CMOS Photonics(TM) technology offers the massive scalability of DWDM implemented on a single silicon chip together with ultra-low latency, and it retains the reliability and cost structure of standard CMOS fabrication.