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Villa Kennan the Thrush-throated Songstress, and Sing Song Silly the Irish-Terrier Tenor," her husband pictured the head-lines for her.
I shall tell them myself all about it, and `fess' to Mother how silly I've been.
I knew it was silly, but they flattered me and said I was a beauty, and quantities of nonsense, so I let them make a fool of me.
It's very silly, but I want to tell it, because I hate to have people say and think such things about us and Laurie.
Won't he shout when I tell him what those silly things say about us poor children?
I know I'm a silly little girl, and I'll stay with you till I'm fit to take care of myself.
How can you be so silly," cried her mother, "as to think of such a thing, in all this dirt
It's very silly of you to be so sensitive about your club-foot," she said.
You silly little thing," he laughed, but he was choking.
He showed me tattoo marks, baring his breast in the teeth of the wind and in spite of my remonstrances, for I thought it was enough to kill him; he swore horribly whenever he remembered, but more like a silly schoolboy than a man; and boasted of many wild and bad things that he had done: stealthy thefts, false accusations, ay, and even murder; but all with such a dearth of likelihood in the details, and such a weak and crazy swagger in the delivery, as disposed me rather to pity than to believe him.
Do you too berate yourself about your silly mistakes?
Referring to Barnier's comments, he added: "I think it looked a bit silly.