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Firms Must Upload Credential Documents Along With Offer For Supplying Of Same Or Similar Item.
customer lists); any patent, copyright, formula, process, design, pattern, know-how, format or other similar item; any customer-based intangible; any supplier-based intangible; and any other similar item.
The Tenderers Must Upload Documents Pertaining To Their Past Performance, Viz, Po Copies, Inspection Certificates, R/Note Copies Along With Their Offer Otherwise They Shall Be Deemed To Have No Such Past Performance For The Same Or Similar Item And The Tender Shall Be Decided Accordingly However, Railway Reserves The Right To Also Check The Firms Percent U2019 Past Performance In It Percent U2019s Own Rly.
Prices are not always negotiable in a retail shop; however, if you find a similar item on sale (at any store), the store manager may be willing to match the price.
Among the range of consumer options on returns, nearly three in four shoppers (74%) prefer exchanging a gift for a similar item in the post-holiday rush.
1 Manufacturer of the products Or Sole Selling Agent / Authorized Dealer / Authorized Distributor /Sub Dealer for the products of reputed manufacturer Or Work orders/ Supply orders for supply of similar items to government office or PSU office should be enclosed with the offer submitted.
3 : a number of similar items or devices grouped together <a battery of tests>
Rather, because the utility had consistently expensed similar items, the court held that the mistake was no more than a posting error, which the utility could correct without IRS consent.
In a follow-up survey, this question was asked in regards to Women Shoppers' tendency to comparison shop before making their purchase decision with 74% reporting that they compare at least three similar items before buying:
Bidder shall be a manufacturer authorized distribut er having experience of supplying similar items to Govt.
A taxpayer carries similar items in finished-goo& inventory.