similar relation

See: analogy
References in classic literature ?
If the particular States in this country are disposed to stand in a similar relation to each other, and to drop the project of a general DISCRETIONARY SUPERINTENDENCE, the scheme would indeed be pernicious, and would entail upon us all the mischiefs which have been enumerated under the first head; but it would have the merit of being, at least, consistent and practicable Abandoning all views towards a confederate government, this would bring us to a simple alliance offensive and defensive; and would place us in a situation to be alternate friends and enemies of each other, as our mutual jealousies and rivalships, nourished by the intrigues of foreign nations, should prescribe to us.
We here see in two distant countries a similar relation between plants and insects of the same families, though the species of both are different.
The present study has found a similar relation between official jump distance and last ten meters of run-up velocity (r=0.
have also observed a similar relation between BMI and HFnu in their studies.
To group him together with Obama and Kissinger, as if they all stood in similar relation to aggression and bigotry, demonstrates the problem with the park as an educational tool.
However, they did not find a similar relation between precipitation and carbon.
The hand folds, cuts, tears, spikes in similar relation to the multitasking mouth that chews, articulates, spits, and hums.
If many of the protesters marching from Alexandra personify the have-nots of sanitation campaigns, they stand in similar relation on the issue of energy.
Art historical studies that account for Durer's introduction of the witch in terms of the witchcraze assume a similar relation between actual events and these artistic creations and emphasize demonological texts, such as the misanthropic Malleus maleficarum, [2] that were important to the rabid witchhunters.
So if you like full-bodied reds and this has led to one or other of the Zinfandels of California and the Primitivos of southern Italy, you know there is a similar relation to try.
A similar relation between approval rates and applicant income has been found for other types of home loans, including government-backed home purchase loans, refinancings, and home improvement loans.