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5 proposes the association of only the most similar terms in two documents by summing up their similarities (weighted by the inverse document frequency idf).
Ranbir Kapoor's character, Samar, has no direct similarities with Rahul Gandhi, Rajiv Gandhi or Sanjay Gandhi, as suggested before the film's release.
First, distance-like similarities are computed from auxiliary data, such as geographic location, duration, and various other features that only require a minimal amount of additional storage.
When Both Similarities and Dissimilarities Matter: Extending the Concept of Relational Demography.
One of PETA's examples is showing the similarities between how fairly recently in our country we enslave Blacks and how we enslave elephants today in circus acts.
Reich's team looked for data to support an assumption of close genetic ties between humans and chimps but skimmed over evidence of human similarities to other primates, Schwartz asserts.
Shoemaker's study is invaluable because it brings those similarities to light and argues for Indian agency in using that common experiential language to articulate and magnify differences between Indian and European/Euro-American cultures.
The students then produce a position paper that addresses the surprising similarities and/or differences between life and literature.
After the main test questions, participants responded to 28 post-test questions that asked, for example, how useful they thought each display type was for rating similarity and how easy it was to judge similarities for each display type.
It wasn't long after Richard Neal opened Zeus Comics and Collectibles in Dallas's gaycentric Oak Lawn area that Queer as Folk fans starting recognizing some similarities.
What I'd like to focus on tonight though is not the numbers, but the similarities between our services and the importance of capitalizing on each other's strengths to meet the demands in today's dynamic security environment.