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Any similarities between the two films are broad and I don't see any specific stylistic or structural similarities between the two films.
In other words, if two works share a substantial number of similarities, should the fact that they differ in other ways matter?
The similarities caused a stir and social media users have since debated whether or not the melody of the song was copied.
Analysis of the output Excel file, containing all matrices so as corresponding minimal and average similarities and CR values of correspondent classic matrices, is performed.
Nevertheless, future researchers could use well-validated multiple items for measuring perceived similarities.
To prove actual copying via probative similarity, the court's test involves looking for the existence of access (on the part of the defendant to the protected work) and actual similarities between the protectible parts of the two works.
1970) "A general method applicable to the search for similarities in the amino acid sequence of two proteins".
Participants indicated their attitude toward traditional gender-roles, the similarities they perceived between themselves and gay men, and their attitudes toward gay men.
3 to estimate initial similarities among terms in our document collection.
The similarities between Sonia and Kat's character, Indu Pratap, lie in the fact that Indu, like Sonia, loses her politician- husband in a blast.
The key passage is "semantic similarities support polysemies of adjacent (connected) categories on the map, while non-adjacent categories need not share any common semantic features" (Malchukov: 184).
The 16 papers selected for the August 2009 workshop investigate general indexing and searching methods that apply to arbitrary metric spaces, non-metric or (dis)similarity spaces, or high-dimensional vector spaces, methods that address specific similarity search problems, and domain-specific spaces and similarities that motivate for searching in new spaces.