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Other faces wore the similitude of man or woman, but distorted or extravagant, with red noses pendulous before their mouths, which seemed of awful depth, and stretched from ear to ear in an eternal fit of laughter.
With reverence be it spoken, the figure bore no slight similitude, both in garb and manner, to some grave divine of the New England churches.
Whatever occurred in the instant present, Martin's mind immediately presented associated antithesis or similitude which ordinarily expressed themselves to him in vision.
Is it not, my dear madam, the faint similitude of--'
With both her hands on his arm, she shored it back and tried to draw it forward sharply in similitude of a punch.
However, I went down thus two or three days, and having seen nothing, I began to be a little bolder, and to think there was really nothing in it but my own imagination; but I could not persuade myself fully of this till I should go down to the shore again, and see this print of a foot, and measure it by my own, and see if there was any similitude or fitness, that I might be assured it was my own foot: but when I came to the place, first, it appeared evidently to me, that when I laid up my boat I could not possibly be on shore anywhere thereabouts; secondly, when I came to measure the mark with my own foot, I found my foot not so large by a great deal.
A striking similitude between the brother and sister now first arrested my attention; and Usher, divining, perhaps, my thoughts, murmured out some few words from which I learned that the deceased and himself had been twins, and that sympathies of a scarcely intelligible nature had always existed between them.
Se puede discrepar de la forma en que se esta enfrentando, pero no se observa que se haya puesto en practica un plan diferente en los otros paises de la region, incluso llene similitudes con el que se uso contra el consumo de alcohol en Estados Unidos.
Las similitudes entre lo que pasa en Nicaragua y Mexico son escalofriantes, pues alla padecen un partido dominante que se dice revolucionario (como el PRI) y otro conservador, el PLC, cuyo lider (in)'moral' es el expresidente super corrupto Arnoldo Aleman (Fox dixit).
Hay muchas similitudes entre el 'Mago de Oz' y el presidente George W.
Par ailleurs il a declare qu'en depit du fait que les problemes de la Tunisie ne sont pas exactement les memes que ceux de la Grece, il y a des similitudes, telles que la masse du salariat dans la fonction publique, les hausses de salaire dans ledit secteur.
On y retrouve quelques similitudes esthetiques avec la comedie [beaucoup moins que] L'ile des esclaves [beaucoup plus grand que] de Marivaux, a travers ce melange des genres.