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SIMONY, eccl. law. The selling and buying of holy orders, or an ecclesiastical benefice. Bac. Ab. h.t.; 1 Harr. Dig. 556. By simony is also understood an unlawful agreement to receive a temporal reward for something holy or spiritual. Code, 1, 3, 31 Ayl. Parerg. 496.

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The papacy misappropriates good works to the cult of the dead saints, to images, to the buying of masses of simoniacs, papal indulgences, and the fattening of the most impure fornicators and hypocrites, etc.
He and his officials sell the gifts of God like the Simoniacs.
After an extended introduction that provides context, Robinson provides able commentary on The Life of Pope Leo IX, To a Friend, also known as The Book of Bishop Bonizo of Sutri, and Paul of Bernried's The Life of Pope Gregory VII and also provides works by Benzio of Alba and a sermon on Simoniacs by Bruno of Segri.