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Simple fractures of the ulnar neck or head often do not require operative fixation.
The treatment of these complex injuries is difficult and differs from simple fractures because of high rate of complications3.
Consequently, they recommend the use of ibuprofen in simple fractures, despite the fact that a large proportion of patients required additional intravenous analgesia mainly with opioids like morphine.
The algorithm was valuable for simple fractures while not applicable to the fractures with intersections; meanwhile, the assumption above was not always tenable.
Simple fractures can be hard to fix, comminuted fractures can be simple to repair and both simple and comminuted can be open.
One hundred and thirty seven children had radiological investigations, very limited had simple fractures and open fractures.
Simple fractures, especially those toward the end of the tail, heal on their own and may leave no more evidence of the injury than a crook in the tail.
Sushil et al concluded that LCP was effective for comminuted forearm diapyseal fractures but its superiority over conventional DCP treatment of simple fractures is yet not proven.
He had simple fractures and double fractures," the doctor said on Libyan state television, which also showed pictures of the boy's legs in casts.
About 1200 people die a month just from simple fractures and they need not have done had they known they had fragile bones.
The clinic can handle a broad array of medical illnesses, from colds, sore throats and allergic reactions to simple fractures or wounds requiring sutures.