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He had simple fractures and double fractures," the doctor said on Libyan state television, which also showed pictures of the boy's legs in casts.
About 1200 people die a month just from simple fractures and they need not have done had they known they had fragile bones.
The clinic can handle a broad array of medical illnesses, from colds, sore throats and allergic reactions to simple fractures or wounds requiring sutures.
It caters for wounds including burns and scalds, animal bites, nose bleeds, minor head injuries, simple fractures, splinters, cuts and some eye problems.
Sgt Butler, 43, said: "You have to be prepared for any kind of injuries, from simple fractures through to diarrhoea and vomiting, and occasionally gunshot wounds or bomb injuries.
performed by physician assistants, such as physical examinations, minor surgery, setting casts for simple fractures, interpreting x-rays, and other activities involving independent evaluation or treatment.