simple job

See: sinecure
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She said: "It is not a simple job, it has to be joiner-made.
-so simple job, Repeat this process again, then top with the whipped cream.
It is a simple job for a vet but is probably the most smelly job that a vet could ever embark upon.
"It was a simple job and now some bureaucrat has decided to make it more complicated and more expensive for communities."
It's a simple job that goes wrong fast, plunging Burch into a ruthless contest where nothing and nobody can be trusted.
A seemingly simple job if not done with extreme caution can cost him his life.
Do not assume that you understand everything that went into a simple job description.
Sowter intercepted an attempted clearance in the air and, having beaten his man, played a clever pass to Foster who had the simple job of tapping home.
Mr Thompson then assumes it is a simple job to move money from one part of the council's budget to another.