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My construction even of their simple meaning was not very correct, for I read "wife of the Above" as a complimentary reference to my father's exaltation to a better world; and if any one of my deceased relations had been referred to as "Below," I have no doubt I should have formed the worst opinions of that member of the family.
It has been pointed out that one of the results of the extraordinary tyranny of authority is that words are absolutely distorted from their proper and simple meaning, and are used to express the obverse of their right signification.
Furthermore, our nincompoop politicians seem to have become so 'muddle-headed', and confused by parliamentary rigmarole, and other procedures, they've forgotten the simple meaning of democracy.
'It's something I believe too, I celebrate my new year with a very simple meaning but in a joyous environment,' Chiu told Malay Mail during the visit.
The questions posed relate to the simple meaning (peshat) of the text.
The beauty of Echoes of Eden, as indicated above, lies in its ability to provide something for everyone; simple meaning, complex ideas, a wide variety of sources, and a relevant message.
The simple meaning of the phrase is that someone wondering whether or not he exists is, in and of itself, proof that he does exist - at the very least, there must be an 'I' who does the thinking.
Offering readers an informative perspective on such issues as the "Perfect Circle of Sound" and how the Creator is using it to promote healing for the self in loving service; proof of a "Love frequency" and how to use it; evidence that DNA microscopically mirrors the double helix wave form of the cosmos; the "Miracle frequency" for manifesting matter, and so much more, Walk On Water knowledgeably compiles a complete and thorough explanation of the many phenomenal intricacies of life, and also addresses the profoundly simple meaning of life for optimal and active living.
Our Sages and the commentators did not doubt for an instant that the only simple meaning is the allegorical one.
Rashi is often viewed as deviating from peshat, the simple meaning of the text, in favor of midrashic interpretations.
It is easy to think that writing for newly independent readers requires little more than short sentences with simple meanings. However, this is far from the truth.
For others, the legal jargon might seem somewhat intimidating, even though the terms actually have simple meanings.

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