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Almost all of his African American characters speak in a thick dialect, and many (to put it nicely) are rather simpleminded.
Earwig Gunderman is a simpleminded sixteen year old coming of age during the tumultuous era of World War II.
Though sometimes simpleminded, I am drawn to obdurate, complicated art.
Neil Patrick Harris's pleasant voice conveys the earnest, simpleminded mythifying of the faux-narrator character known as the Balladeer, but for him to morph into Lee Harvey Oswald requires a transformation that simply never takes place because Harris (who's been working hard to be known as something other than the former star of Doogie Howser, M.
What is needed is an end to a singleminded and simpleminded focus on speed,'' argues Lovejoy.
The choreographically simpleminded Khaotik and the earnest Destiny Arts Youth Performance Company looked like recreational ensembles.
Furthermore, no reputable scholars of American inequality and social stratification--including those who do not seek to explain black disadvantage primarily in terms of racial discrimination--would accept his simpleminded polarity, and there is an abundant historical and social scientific literature refuting it.
If both parents are not fully equipped, mature adults, kids can remain trapped forever in simpleminded gender oppositions.