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Unmixed; not aggravated or compounded.

A simple assault, for example, is one that is not accompanied by any circumstances of aggravation, such as assault with a deadly weapon.

Simple interest is a fixed amount paid in exchange for a sum of money lent. The interest generated on the amount borrowed does not itself earn interest, unlike interest earned where parties agree to compound interest.

West's Encyclopedia of American Law, edition 2. Copyright 2008 The Gale Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

SIMPLE. Not compounded, alone; as, simple interest, which is interest on the principal sum lent only and not interest on the interest; simple contract, &c.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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In Section 2, we obtain exact solutions of the coupled KP system ((3a) and (3b)) using the simplest equation method.
The mere thought of this information getting into the wrong hands is enough to send cold shivers down anyone's back, yet many don't even take the simplest precautions.
The simplest approach to the electronics recycling business is to collect end-of-life electronics and to have others do the processing.
Hawking explains the exciting questions of late 20th and early 21st-century physics in clear writing and the simplest possible terms.
Nepomnaschy agrees that maternal stress remains the simplest explanation for his results.
English theologian William of Occam recognized this human tendency in medieval times and put forth Occam's Razor: "The simplest of two or more competing theories is preferable, and explanations for unknown phenomena should first be attempted in terms of what is already known." (1) This essentially means that the least complicated explanation of an event is usually the correct one.
Common Ground breaks down a complex dilemma into the simplest precepts: basic principles for pure living, such as faith, generosity, discipline, and love; positive attributes such as courage, honor, and parenting ability; negatives to avoid such as cheating, stealing, hypocrisy, and pessimism; and more.
Although the Center for Science in the Public Interest immediately cited the study as evidence that the "food industry targets children," the simplest explanation is that fast food restaurants tend to be located in commercial areas with many potential customers.
Rotomolding is the simplest method of forming a closed, hollow part and the only cost-effective way to form very large hollow parts such as tanks holding thousands of gallons.
Data protection has become a critical IT discipline and businesses often choose the simplest approach after sustaining three years of downsizing and cutbacks.
Topical and scriptural indexes round out this valuable, down-to-earth summary of great use to anyone interested in learning more about Christianity, including those who have been surrounded by it all their lives but who want to come to a better understanding from the simplest concepts and their origins onward.
One must know how to translate it with the fewest possible processes and by the simplest procedure into those figures which all ...