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Unmixed; not aggravated or compounded.

A simple assault, for example, is one that is not accompanied by any circumstances of aggravation, such as assault with a deadly weapon.

Simple interest is a fixed amount paid in exchange for a sum of money lent. The interest generated on the amount borrowed does not itself earn interest, unlike interest earned where parties agree to compound interest.


adjective artless, bare, basal, basic, clear, crude, downright, elemental, elementary, frank, free of duplicity, fundamental, guileless, homespun, inartificial, incomplex, inconditus, ingenuous, intelligible, irreducible, mere, natural, open, plain, primary, pure, rudimentary, rustic, simple-minded, simplified, sincere, sincerus, single, straightforward, unadorned, unadulterated, unaffected, unalloyed, uncombined, uncomplicated, uncompounded, unconstrained, undecorated, understandable, unembellished, uninvolved, unmingled, unmixed, unpretentious, unsophisticated, unstudied, unvarnished, without confusion
Associated concepts: simple assault, simple battery, simple contract, simple larceny, simple will
See also: clear, coherent, comprehensible, credulous, elementary, facile, familiar, fatuous, genuine, household, ingenuous, innocuous, lucid, mere, mundane, naive, naked, narrow, nominal, obtuse, only, opaque, ordinary, pellucid, puerile, pure, rudimentary, sincere, stark, unadulterated, unaffected, unobtrusive, unpretentious, unsuspecting

SIMPLE. Not compounded, alone; as, simple interest, which is interest on the principal sum lent only and not interest on the interest; simple contract, &c.

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Purcell proposed a "two-hinged swimmer" as the simplest such gadget.
Although Occam's Razor encourages one to look closely at the simplest explanation first, investigators must avoid becoming myopic.
At its simplest level, EPSS is the genre of job-aid reference training that would put product specs, FAQ's and other handy information at the bank clerk's fingertips, on demand.
Researchers at Harvard University, Boston University, and BBN Technologies reportedly have discovered a technology to make computer networks so secure that even the simplest attempts to eavesdrop will interrupt the flow of data and alert administrators.
The spectrum of molds covered range from the simplest design to the most complex multi-stage molds.
The simplest and least expensive approach is just a map with clickable hotspots that show a picture.
After all, the required maximum scope of application, service life and utility value can only be achieved via the intricate process of refining down to the very simplest solution.
And, as Dix points out, for most of us that is done "in the simplest needs we meet.
For most Palm models, however, the one-button Hot-Sync synchronization process remains the simplest method.
Let's start with the simplest and work our way up to the more complex.
Terabeam's GigE Gigalink gave us the quickest and simplest way to provide the kind of cost-effective, high-quality service our customers expect from OnFiber.
Making the movement was the simplest and sweetest part.