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Simplified Logistics has a focus on less-than-truckload transportation management services.
For a start, the questionnaire is now only required for people aged 65 and over (previously 60) and it has also been dramatically simplified to make it easier to complete - meaning our customers can spend more time focusing on their holiday and less time filling in forms.
Simplified, based in Austin, TX offers an online platform for ordering settlement services to process and close real estate loans.
In 2008, more than two thirds of all import declarations were made through simplified procedures.
20) Earlier versions of the simplified deduction method and the small business simplified overall method appeared in Prop.
Due to the nature of the simplified method calculations, they assume an invariable business flow and disregard the make-up of inventory at year-end.
By providing SMB with simplified and cost-effective backup and recovery, archiving, snapshots and remote replication, storage vendors best serve their customers and their own bottom line.
500(a) authorizes test programs greater than $100,000, but not exceeding $5 million for simplified acquisitions, if the proper approval could be secured.
The agencies seek comment on simplified capital frameworks for noncomplex banks and thrift institutions that would conform to the underlying principles of a revised Basel Accord and maintain the principles of prudential supervision, yet would relieve unnecessary regulatory burden.
In addition, reporting requirements are simplified.
The HDMI Simplified product line makes legacy component signal conversion, connection and switching simple," according to Brad Hoffert of RZ Products Group.
The only exceptions to this rule are the simplified production method (SPM) and the simplified resale method (SRM); see Regs.

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