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La NLPC en position de decubitus dorsal a ete decrite pour surpasser ces inconvenients et pour simplifier la procedure.
In this case, that great simplifier of ideas and concepts, Malcolm Gladwell focused on Dunbar's Number in his popular Tipping Point book when trying to explain about the dynamics of social groups.
If Palmer has been viewed as a simplifier and popularizer of John Wesley's doctrine of sanctification, the present author seeks to present us with a more nuanced, appreciative view.
The portal includes a fist of tips for employers and brokers to maximize their enrollment strategy, template surveys, an online benchmarking tool and an Employee Benefits Simplifier tool to help workers identify which benefits may be suitable for them.
The new site is based upon the same standards that led consumers to Life Insurance Selector and Employee Benefits Simplifier tools that were introduced on metlife.
Ward, in the manner of another system simplifier, Sun Tzu,
Instead of seeing issues and problems through an incremental "window," adopt a process to resolve IT as a work simplifier within the same positions, but at a low risk of failure.
If she's a great simplifier [as she expressed in her address to employees], that would be great for the company Her approach of being open and honest is a perfect fit for the Y&R people.
Gene Brucker and Edward Muir focus on Putnam's crucial "case" (Medieval and Renaissance Italy), and both authors conclude that Putnam is a great simplifier.
BOSTON -- aPriori, a provider of product cost management software solutions for discrete manufacturers, was selected as the winner in the category of Best Business Operations Simplifier at the 2012 MITX Innovation Awards.
Il est admis que le semis direct se propose comme une solution durabledans l'agriculture pluviale, qui permet de simplifier les travaux, tamponner l'effet des aleas climatiques et restaurer les sols epuises.