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Further, simplified LIFO also simplifies the LIFO accounting process and allows a company to control its inventory costs better than its competitors.
According to the AICPA, the elimination of this provision simplifies the taxation of distributions and encourages the retention of the account balance.
CHICAGO -- New Year resolutions that include becoming better organized will be bolstered by BCB Technologies' newly-enhanced Home Concierge lifestyle management software that simplifies the day-to-day responsibilities of busy homeowners.
With business agility a key concern of enterprise CIOs, the seamless integration between ZXTM and Egenera PAN Manager software simplifies datacenter infrastructure to deliver on the promise of SOA.
The Egenera BladeFrame system simplifies the datacenter with an innovative server architecture specifically designed to reduce complexity and enable IT to respond rapidly to business requirements.
RGB's SEP simplifies their transition to all-digital, streamlining decoding, modulation and the up-conversion process at the edge of the network.
The Agilent MXG signal generators are fully compliant with the LXI class-C specification and are part of the Agilent Open program, which simplifies test-system setup and integration by offering instruments based on open industry standards.
Novell ZENworks 7 Linux Management - Dell Edition further simplifies Linux systems management by supporting both Red Hat Enterprise(a) Linux and Novell SUSE(R) Linux Enterprise Server environments and applications.
An isolated backside simplifies mounting and with superior isolated thermal impedance.
Adding the EdgeConnect 2402PoE to the list of CPE devices supported by EdgeView simplifies support, reduces costs and takes the hosted Service Provider one step closer to a plug 'n dial service delivery model.