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Amy Rehkemper, CPO[R] founded Simplify Organizing, LLC[R] in 1999 to help busy families create a place for everything and simplify their lives.
Chin also argued that while making a simpler system for everyone would be an arduous task, it may be easier to simplify the process for some, but not others.
Improved Networking: Enhancements on the z990 include the capability to support up to four logical channel subsystems, up to 1024 I/O channels and improved networking connectivity--helping IT professionals simplify and manage even the most demanding infrastructure complexities in a security-rich environment.
The company's flagship product, Simplify Suite, is a comprehensive package of integrated server management tools that boost the manageability, reliability, performance, and security of Microsoft Terminal Services.
Reformed income tax--This would simplify the individual income tax by repealing the alternative minimum tax (AMT), consolidating and simplifying savings incentives, eliminating phase-ins and phase-outs and retaining only two filing statuses and rate schedules.
Software appliances simplify server applications by eliminating the hassles of installation, configuration, and maintenance.
You'll simplify storage management, significantly cutting your system downtime and management costs.
a leader in enterprise software for remote environments, announced today the release of Simplify Printing Bundle v4.
Content addressing is supposed to simplify fixed content storage and retrieval.
States will also be encouraged to simplify their state and local tax rates and be responsible for providing accurate information permitting retailers to match addresses within the state to the appropriate local tax rate.
This important opportunity allows most companies to - correct erroneous UCR methods with audit protection for prior tax years, and/or - improve their allocation methodologies to simplify their UCR calculation or achieve more favorable tax results.
The group will also continue to simplify host controller design by providing a block abstraction capability - enabling the use of an even wider range of NAND Flash components in many applications.