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What are specific ways applicant data can be analyzed to assess the feasibility of radically simplifying EFC determination to ease the burden on students and families?
This is the first rule of simplification: the price tag for simplifying an interface is increasing the complexity behind the scenes.
Simplifying capitalization and expensing--a capital idea: The tax treatment of some business expenditures depends on whether they are classified as business expenses--and are therefore deductible in the current year--or capitalized, in which case they are either deducted as the asset depreciates or when it is sold.
Special provisions aimed at simplifying and speeding up SBT APAs can include any or all of the following:
Dell also announced that it is simplifying its existing portfolio of OpenManage tools.
In collaboration with our professional colleagues in the ABA Section of Taxation and AICPA Tax Division, we have identified in the enclosed statement several areas in which simplifying legislative initiatives would be especially welcomed.
The Egenera BladeFrame system and its Processing Area Network (PAN) architecture deliver a new approach to computing by virtualizing datacenter components, and simplifying the allocation and secure management of processing capacity.
Sanbolic, Inc is a Watertown, Massachusetts-based company that provides software for sharing and simplifying shared SAN storage environments.
VersaPHY reduces or even eliminates the 'device discovery' process, and its corresponding software, thereby simplifying control and data delivery functions.
Small businesses that make the switch should consider simplifying the process further by using EFTPS to make a single electronic tax payment with their annual return.
Boot from SAN capability enables LeftHand's Open iSCSI SAN customers to significantly reduce the total cost of IT ownership by maximizing consolidation of IT resources, minimizing equipment costs through the use of diskless servers, and simplifying management by centralizing the boot process.