simplistic statement

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This simplistic statement sounds so logical and reasonable, but in fact is full of dishonesty and disgraceful critical omissions.
Yes, the US Republican presidential hopeful Romney, single handily and in an unfounded and extremely simplistic statement, disregarded all the facts of Israel's oppressive occupation of Palestine and the Palestinians for over six decades, the existence of Israel's apartheid separation wall, Israel's ongoing build-up of illegal settlements on Palestinian lands and Israel's unjustifiable exploitation of Palestine's human and natural resources and the US unquestionable moral, financial and military support to Israel as the reasons for Israel's superiority and rather, he emphasized that Israel's superiority is directly related to its culture.
Other than this simplistic statement and rare referrals in English language historical texts, one could not locate much information about the topic other than a single brief treatment by historian and geography Eric Fischer published during World War II.
My own view is that the relations between some people's affluence, other people's poverty, and global environmental destruction are too various and complex for any simplistic statement about their relations to be true.
Mr Waggett said: "That was a very simplistic statement saying all parents are responsible for everything their children do.
I completely disagree with this simplistic statement.
That simplistic statement is patently impossible and reflects their total lack of knowledge of county government.
Campaign finance is a crucial issue that affects whether people or corporations run our country - an overly simplistic statement to be sure, but it's handled even more simplistically here.
I used to come out with the usual simplistic statements that resonate with people - that additives are bad and will have your kids climbing up the wall.
Similar simplistic statements were published in other leading foreign media.
Ifwe had gone at it in the rightway and convinced everybody of our cause, coal had a case to argue but nobody could hear it because of a smokescreen of simplistic statements bawled off platforms by Scargill.
We continue to make simplistic statements about these countries, their peoples, and their beliefs.