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Hoc enim posito manifeste sequeretur quod contradictoria essent simul.
The question that lurks at the background of this essay is how the simul could be viewed in a bid to attain visible unity of the churches without ignoring the concerns of either tradition.
On the way to village Simul Tari, I recognized the road as one I had traveled one month earlier.
aut delectare" (words which Matz uses in the title to his introduction) are clearly the first two elements of a tricolon that culminates in "aut simul et iucunda et idonea dicere uitae" (Arspoetica, 333-34).
A similar mistake occurs in the Credo of the same Mass, where Contino mixes up the two adjacent lines of text "Qui ex Patre Filioque procedit" and "Qui cum Patre et Filio simul adoratur.
Haec ubi dicta, locum capiunt, signoque repente corripiunt spatia audito limenque relinquunt, effusi nimbo similes, simul ultima signant, primus abit longeque ante omnia corpora Nisus emicat et ventis et fulminis ocior alis.
But Coleridge is closer to Bacon than to Tacitus Annals VI 10: "fingabant simul credentque".
However, this strong negative conclusion (Romans 7 cannot be re-expressed in Luther's famous epigram, simul iustus et peccator) is then qualified to some extent by the recognition that 'all Christians have experiences in their lives which are similar to those of Paul's Jewish past' ('each of us recognizes in this description a dimension of his or her existence' p.
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There will also be raffle tickets on sale in the boat house, as well as a simul ator and funfair.
To speak of the church as a communion that reflects the perichoretic communion of the divine life--without also speaking of the church as a human community that reflects the reality of sin operant in all human relationships and structures--raises questions for this Lutheran, since the divine life of the triune God is without sin while the church is, at least in its present manifestation, simul iustus et peccator.
A study on plastic wrinkling in thin-walled tube bending via an energy-based wrinkling prediction model, Modelling Simul.