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Adeoque spatia SC et nC erunt in illa ratione idque continuo donec utrumque simul in nihilum evanescat.
Y si ahora se compone la 'vida incesante' con tota simul. ?Acaso este simbolo de los primeros principios no envia a la macla?
The application of simul iustus and peccator to the Church as a whole distinguishes it from the contemporary heirs of Reformation Catholicism, Anabaptism and Spiritualism.
Sed ipsa virtus se habens ad opposita, non cadit sub sensum: in effectibus enim eius qui sub sensum cadunt, non inveniuntur duo actus contrarii simul existere; sed semper videmus quod determinate unum procedit in actum: ergo non possumus judicare esse in homine aliquam activam potentiam ad opposita se babentem.
Both men held a doctrine of simul iustus et peccator, but while Zinzendorf had the static Lutheran view of humankind remaining sinful, Wesley held a dynamic view, namely, that the believer was gradually changed into actual holiness by the power of the Holy Spirit.
MARTIN LUTHER, WHO HAD HIS OWN STRUGGLES with the papacy, believed that all Christians were both sinners and saints (simul iustus et peccator).
The Lattice Boltzmann Method (LBM) has developed as a promising method for simul ation of flow in microporous arbitrary geometries.
quo simul intravit sacroque a corpore pressum ingemuit limen, eqs.
Dona pro Phrygibus a suo populo missus Apollini portabat, simul consuluit de regno rebusque suis.
Victorinus' chief concern is to explain consubstantialis as both unius substantiae and simul substantiae, but his distinction of una substantia, tres subsistentiae occurs only in expounding Neoplatonic terms from Porphyry, and is not used in distinguishing the Father and the Son in the Neonicene fashion: Victorinus can use substantia for the key term [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII.], as well as subsistentia or exsistentia.
The question of papal infallibility, however, is not mentioned, although this is also an important ecumenical stumbling block, as Karel Blei shows in his work on the infallibility of the church (Simul infallibis et fallibis, 1972).
On May 17, 1920, Reshevky faced 20 players in a simul in Paris.