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At the end of the simulated opening participants were asked to fill out surveys in an effort to gauge the experience and provide their feedback.
The most striking signs of that authenticity, Griffeath says, show up in comparisons between intermediate stages of simulated snowflake growth and of lab-grown crystals filmed by Libbrecht and others.
Current research and development at one research laboratory provides a framework for creating highly realistic simulated humans.
My eldest daughter was thrilled to finally get her hands on one of those gargantuan American fridges she has always wanted to see established in a corner of our kitchen and she has filled it with simulated yummy food, of course.
In the 1980s, Forbes and fellow dermatologists at Temple University in Philadelphia launched the first phototoxicity tests using simulated sunlight when they tested retinoic acid (Retin-A).
A C-17 airframe was subjected to simulated flight and ground loads and conditions expected to be encountered in 1.
8 feet in length and a weight of 72,000 pounds, the simulated QuickReach(TM) drop test article matches the characteristics of an operational rocket.
By assigning inflammation-implicated cells as agents in an environment that simulated the body's circulatory system, An reproduced the four typical trajectories of SIRS/MOF.
Two Boeing X-45A jets finished three years of flight tests with the simulated combat mission Wednesday during which they showed they could identify, attack and destroy ground-based radar and missile launchers before missiles could be launched against them, officials said.
The University of Massachusetts at Amherst is conducting an 18-month project to measure process variance in simulated part trials.
With computer simulation technology, engineers at MICOM laboratories have performed thousands of simulated flights.