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Scenarios of the simulated opening focused on tenants, the training of employees, standard operational procedures, first responders and building systems.
To overcome the gaps in knowledge about snowflake formation, the model includes seven adjustable settings that enable the researchers to control the rates and thresholds in their simulated processes.
For the chemical tests, the aircraft is sprayed with a vaporized simulated chemical agent, then put inside a hangar for decontamination using heat at about 180 degrees Fahrenheit or six days, a process called ``accelerated weathering.
Liftoff was accomplished with one engine simulated feathered to emulate a single-engine bolter.
In other cases, sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning have been employed to create simulated entities with a broad repertoire of behavior and flexibility to adapt behavior during the course of a single or multiple simulations.
Typically, my children have gone for a top of the range environment for their gang - a huge simulated house with swimming pool in the garden and bubble spas in every bedroom.
In the delta of southeastern Arkansas, at the National Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson, two large laboratory rooms are bright with sunlight--not the kind that streams in through windows, but simulated solar energy from tiny lamps using an electromagnetic radiation source that closely mimics the spectrum of sunlight.
With the SGI image generator, the AVCATT-A simulators can provide fully correlated, out-the-window and sensor-based imagery and create a wide range of simulated conditions that include battlefield smoke; blowing snow; dust or sand; and temperature, wind, visibility and cloud ceiling.
Once the seal was produced, it was subjected to tests that simulated the car door closing and calculated how much effort it took.
Instead, each immune cell is a computer simulation, programmed to fight virtual tuberculosis bacteria on a square of simulated lung tissue.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE - In a step toward creating robotic combat jets, two experimental unmanned aircraft passed their ``graduation'' test by making a coordinated attack on simulated air defense targets.