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SIMULATION, French law. This word is derived from the Latin simul, together. It indicates, agreeably to its etymology, the concert or agreement of two or more persons to give to one thing the appearance of another, for the purpose of fraud. Merl. Repert. h.t.
     2. With us such act might be punished by indictment for a conspiracy; by avoiding the pretended contract; or by action to recover back the money or property which may have been thus fraudulently obtained.

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In recent years, medical colleges, both at home and abroad, have begun to use a simulation model that focuses on simulated examinations of a standardized patient (SP) and have developed courses that combine the teaching model with multimedia and simulation models.
The novelty of this work is the investigation of an approach for the development and the validation of a reliable generic simulation model.
Therefore, G-Pipe simulation model has been developed with the aim to simulate water distribution along the pipeline of the irrigation system for making a decision to select the optimal specification of the irrigation system.
Using a simulation model of the hospital drug distribution system, another (12) evaluates the effects of some changes to the system on unavailability-related medication administration errors, test the most promising system in a controlled trial and explore the model's validity.
This paper presents the validation procedure developed by the study to calibrate a grocery store simulation model.
Mallikarjuna and Rao (2006) produced a simulation model based on the concept of cellular automata to estimate the PCE values of vehicles.
The simulation model MAPOD is a deterministic model, especially designed to predict cross-pollination rates between maize fields in a spatially explicit agricultural landscape under varying cropping and climatic conditions.
The simulation model is the nature of information solutions to the computer experiment.
The article gives a simulation model that tries to predict the number of people who will be infected while different disease control tactics are being applied.
If a simulation model exists of this system, then hypothesizing of system theories can also be done from simulation data and results.
has developed a simulation model for the molecular behavior of LDPE and LLDPE in blown film and is making it available to processors for free in exchange for feedback on how it performs.

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