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SIMULATION, French law. This word is derived from the Latin simul, together. It indicates, agreeably to its etymology, the concert or agreement of two or more persons to give to one thing the appearance of another, for the purpose of fraud. Merl. Repert. h.t.
     2. With us such act might be punished by indictment for a conspiracy; by avoiding the pretended contract; or by action to recover back the money or property which may have been thus fraudulently obtained.

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CSSD staffers are the only type of resources involved in the simulation model.
Exterior lighting in the initial simulation model was arbitrarily set at 0 kW.
Select a set of inputs for the simulation model and generate simulation outputs (a representative sample for the system under study);
To solve the equation (1) are necessary conditions for uniqueness, which characterize the geometric shape of the weld simulation model, its material properties as well as initial and boundary conditions.
In Greece, you can see simulation models only in courses, and there is not even one representative company to have a serious interest for the trade of simulation models in the country, except for resuscitation dolls, that have been used, on a rental basis, mainly by anesthesiologists and ICU clinicians in courses for teaching resuscitation.
The average values for rough part production volume, part value and various machine utilization rates were generated by the simulation model.
Simulation model should help to assess the effects of the new technical and organizational structure of the welding lines for continuous production, hence the overall productivity lines.
Simulation optimization provides a structured approach to determine optimal input parameter values, where optimal is measured by a function of output variables associated with a simulation model.
The PowerPC 603 component kit, which includes the full-functional simulation model, will be available from Motorola in the first quarter of 1994.
Virtutech's Simulation Model Accelerates Development of Software for MPC8641D Processor-Based Systems and Drives Products' Ramp to Volume
The SIMAP consortium intends to develop a comprehensive and robust simulation model of the pathway, which will incorporate data from the literature, as well as experimental and clinical work.
May 3 /PRNewswire/ -- At today's EUCI conference, Johannes Pfeifenberger, a principal in The Brattle Group's energy practice, voiced concerns that analyses of the economic benefits of new transmission lines often are too limited and overly reliant on market simulation models.

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