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Information sharing and coordination mechanisms for managing uncertainty in supply chains: a simulation study.
To situate our simulation study in the context of real-world provider profiling, as opposed to the IMPACT research study, we based the number of medical groups (25) and patient caseload per medical group (200) on a large depression quality improvement initiative, Depression Improvement Across Minnesota, Offering a New Direction (DIAMOND) (Solberg et al.
To verify the conclusions drawn from the simulation study, similar tests were conducted on a 3-ton residential air conditioner.
One available study describes a simulation study that evaluated the feasibility of digital signatures in a cooperative setting (Kumbruck & Schneider 1999).
We used these data obtained from the accelerometer to derive the input force for the simulation study.
The managers of companies, which are not using simulation, are mentioning high price of the simulation software and uncertainty of simulation study economic return.
The analysis of the outputs simulation study shows that even when a redundancy strategy is used, the negative effects of a disturbance are spread along the supply chain, but the resilience of supply chain entities is enhanced.
The results of a computer simulation study appear in the journal Medical Decision Making.
This investigation was a simple simulation study, made possible by new computer technology, a Compucorp 344 Statistician desk calculator, which allowed me the luxury of analyzing the data in my office rather than having to prepare punch-cards for use at the university's central mainframe computer.
HyperStudyDSS is a powerful and efficient crash simulation study tool with design of experiments (DOE) and optimization capabilities.
In a simulation study, the bias and precision of the real-time estimator were investigated in situations in which the theoretical reproduction number remained constant with time.

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