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Therefore, the I/O thread can access any byte in the guest memory, and so does the simulative DMA engine.
Besides simulative investigations, the framework allows for hardware-in-the-loop measurements on a dynamic engine test bench.
The robust stabilization is verified on a simulative example.
As a new method of fracture analysis, XFEM can simulate whole fracture process from crack initiation to complete failure more conveniently because its fracture process is independent of mesh and does not require defining a crack-extension path in advance; meanwhile, a quantity of simulative results obtained through XFEM analysis are consistent with the experimental data [19, 22, 23].
Various simulative software programs [5, 6] such as GRASS, ERDAS, WEKA, ArcGIS, DIVA-GIS, and MapCalc are available for better experiments.
In [15], a realistic simulative model of the system was proposed, which represented the effects of access bandwidth heterogeneity, latencies, peculiar characteristics of the video, while still guaranteeing good scalability properties.
A comparison of the different simulative versions with varying the area's geometric parameters allows optimizing the effect of the pulsator inertial properties in whole and as to its apparent mass, in particular when solving research problems of HDR acoustic features.
In summary, the interaction between drug molecule cisplatin and HSA was investigated by different spectroscopic methods and molecular docking studies under simulative physiological conditions.
It is called "A Simulative Exercise of Visual, Hearing, and Psychomotor Impairment.
application of our newfound simulative powers to the process of
The second group builds it on theory, ideology and other simulative methods.

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