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Similarly, the simultaneity of a firm's output may represent a greater opportunity to earn foreign revenues because the ability to manage human interactions creates internalization advantages.
Simultaneity--The issue of simultaneity is not a major issue for the car rental industry.
The structure of Howard's book imitates this sequence and simultaneity, as he keeps circling back to keep all that he has written from the beginning of the book before our eyes, even as we progress step by step through the Mass.
This decrease in energy is manifested by a descent in pitch between the last two simultaneities, in segments 38 and 40--the latter being the lowest simultaneity in the work--and by the return to slower note values (triplet thirty-second notes) in the final pair of random walks (segment 39).
In Duration and Simultaneity, the French philosopher Henri Bergson (19221999) underscored his conviction that Einstein's theory offered 'not only a new physics, but also a certain new way of thinking' about time: a lived duree that is qualitatively different from Newtonian absolute and objective time, but that is nonetheless singularly real.
The obvious reason for the near-zero coefficients for incumbent spending using OLS is a simultaneity bias, because incumbents spend more when they are in electoral trouble.
Such positive correlations, which ran counter to the traditional view of trade-offs, were captured under the term simultaneity. Some researchers extended this concept.
87) to express both anteriority with the pluperfect and simultaneity with the imperfect, but with two different meanings 'desirer' (3.15) and 'declarer' (3.16)!
She believed in the simultaneity of art and politics, and understood the value of what she wrote in service to the black community.
Its medical definition, a "condition of acute homesickness," with recognizable physical symptoms, was replaced with a more general meaning of "longing for the past."(36) This latter strain of nostalgia, along with the acceleration in time, figured prominently in the construction of the decade as a unit of historic time.(37) The tremendous growth of a culture of "simultaneity" likewise fueled the rise of periodizing history by decades, as an ever-increasing sense of confusion and chaos wrought by the currents of modernity led not only to an increased need to understand the present, but also to a need to create historical narratives within which the present could be emplotted.(38)
It is with this series that Delaunay's use of vibrant color comes to the fore, as does the notion of "simultaneity." In his essay "Light," Delaunay wrote that simultaneity was "the living movement of the world" and "the color rhythms which gave birth to Man's sight." Predicated in the color theories of Michel Eugene Chevreul and the spatial interrogations of Cubism, simultaneity connoted (broadly speaking) the dissolution of particular experience into a harmonic, universal rapport.
This is a simultaneity problem.(4) As a result of it, the traditional investment value of equity model does not provide the correct maximum price an investor can pay and still earn the required (minimum) return since the model does not correctly account for the value of the depreciation tax savings.