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An 'austere economy' and 'consistency' of shapes make this simultaneity different from the everyday simultaneities in ordinary communication, where we communicate with language, aspects of voice, facial expression, and gesture, in how we dress, and so on.
Table 3 showed that the irradiation dose given very significant effect on germination capacity and simultaneity grow of the seeds.
The ambition of the article is partly to bring together different conceptions of technologically facilitated simultaneity and to provide a concrete illustration of how such an approach may be fruitful with the case of the Centenary Jubilee Exhibition, held at the Frogner district in Oslo (then Kristiania) in 1914 (see also Ytreberg, 2014a).
Simultaneity is at present only a human potential, the basis for which exists in the unconscious, and the realization of which may come as a result of the learning process that must be created.
There is no more important lessons to learn in such situations than the fact that simultaneity and reciprocity rule in such negotiations.
Lampert does this in order to focus on what it is for us to experience both simultaneity and delay as well as make the important distinction between the scientific understanding of time and our phenomenal experience of it.
Without this simultaneity, Barrett Browning suggests that poetry only represents death, for "death inherits death" (5.
This fragmentation mirrors the breakdown of syntax and the concurrent notions of simultaneity and multiplicity of associations that arose in modernist literature, and in computer coding the breakdown of information into digital bytes.
Enquiry model and democratic dialogue that factors teaching - learning simultaneity
The first part, 'Times New and Old', considers a number of concepts that we today normally think any adequate theory of time must exemplify, for example, temporal extension, directionality, and simultaneity.
Simultaneity and delay; a dialectical theory of staggered time.
The source added that this false news promoted by al-Jazeera, al-Arabiya and the Israeli Channel and the simultaneity and consonance among them comes in the framework of raising the deteriorating spirits of the terrorist groups after the crushing blows which they were dealt by the Syrian Arab Army.