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Humanity cannot retain its innate nature, fitrah, while simultaneously destroying the innate nature of other species.
However, the tremendous advances in technology over the past years allow the constant expansion of the number of analytes quantified simultaneously.
In Webb, TC Memo 1990-540, the separation agreement provided, in part, that "The Husband shall pay, simultaneously with the execution of this Agreement, to the Wife, the sum of [$15,000].
The two studies that relied on natural infestation densities and refrained from using artificial feeding capsules conclusively demonstrated that transmission of Lyme disease spirochetes between ticks feeding simultaneously and in close proximity contributes little to the perpetuation of this pathogen, either in North America or in Europe (1,2).
Simultaneously, the battalion coordinated to receive sustainment supplies through the port of Mersin and ammunition stocks at the new NATO pier at Agalar.
Nations receiving medical assistance should simultaneously be equipped with facilities catering to the mentally ill.
Another advantage is that everyone on the network, whether they are running Windows, NetWare, Macintosh O/S, Unix, OS/2, or a web browser, can share the CDs simultaneously.
However, it is relatively rare for multiple granular cell tumors to arise almost simultaneously in the larynx and in an extralaryngeal region.
Digitizing (recording) Up to four tapes at a time, simultaneously, is one of the many benefits of a four-or-more channel system.
Frize's canvases, with their multiplicity of currents - seemingly directed by a half-dozen hands simultaneously - do not fit this traditional humanist model at all.
introduced the Color Machine, a spectrophotometer with the ability to simultaneously measure 60[degrees] gloss and color on the same sampling area.

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