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A follow-up study went on to prove that exclamation points, by comparison, are perceived as a more sincere form of punctuation.
He said Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif's politics was aimed at progress and prosperity of the country who was making sincere efforts for resolving energy crisis as well as coping with other challenges being faced by the country.
In his cable, His Majesty expressed his sincere congratulations along with his best wishes of good health and happiness to President Buhari and the friendly people of Nigeria further progress and prosperity.
Shura Council chairman Ali Saleh Al Saleh also extended sincere congratulations to the Premier, expressing pride in his efforts and dedication in the service of Bahrain and its people which, he said, proves to the world his sound policies and far-sighted vision.
Sincerity means being pure, clean and selected (Majm Albahriyn, vol 4, p: 168-169): he chose the pure one of it, became sincere in obedience and worship and got free from any evil, in friendship and words was pure (Abjad terminology, p: 31).
HM the King expressed sincere thanks and appreciation to HRH Premier for his noble feelings, wishing him continuous good health and happiness, and the Arab and Muslim nations many happy returns.
Brenda and family wish to express their sincere thanks to reliatives, friends and neighbours forthe kindness and support during their recent sad loss of Gordon.
The statement said Khelifa also reviewed "Algeria's sincere efforts in the framework of the Arab League to support Arab unity.
I say some of the White Turks, since I do not think that they were all sincere in their concerns and fears.
My sincere thanks to Dr GhaithAl Badri for pointing out an error in the article I published on Galenic Medicine in fATMS fune 2013 which mistakenly referred to an image of a book as a 'Persian Galenic text'.
Summary: Egyptian Ambassador to the UAE Tamer Mansour has offered sincere thanks and appreciation to the President, His Highness Shaikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for his directives to the Red Crescent Authority to launch the "Egypt in our hearts" campaign on Wednesday with the aim of supporting Egyptian people in difficult economic conditions experienced during the current transitional phase.
His Majesty the Sultan expressed his sincere greetings along with his best wishes of good health and happiness to President Mahmoud and the brotherly people of Somalia further progress and prosperity.