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I've been a champion of education and I feel that should be dealt with sincerely as possible,' she said.
It said there were no warnings of the dangers from Amazon or Sincerely Nuts.
I am astounded that a governmental body would grant unqualified permission to any individual to "act in accordance with their sincerely held beliefs." My Southern roots go back further than genealogical records, which means my ancestors acted on their "sincerely held beliefs" justifying slavery.
He said the government would provide full assistance to those who worked sincerely and support such positive initiatives for the uplift of the education and warned that no leniency would be shown to those who put hurdles in the way.
We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, we will endeavour to keep you all informed."
QUETTA -- Provincial Minister for Finance Muhammad Arif Muhammad Hassani has directed the officers of various departments to work sincerely for the development of Chagai so that the dream of a developed and prosperous district can be fulfilled.
I sincerely hope that our PM refrains from making up any tall claims for the future.
We sincerely want relations between Macedonia and the Russian Federation to be promoted successfully, constructively and in the spirit of mutual understanding and equality, said Russian Ambassador to Macedonia Oleg Shcherbak during his visit to Prilep.
JEREMY Corbyn has said he is "sincerely sorry" for the pain caused by pockets of anti-Semitism in his party as he faced a backlash from Jewish leaders.
The successful launch of her poetry based podcast "Sincerely, Jennifer x" followed by the success of her recent book "Home Wrecker," has Juan on a high as she announces the launch of a companion podcast to "Sincerely, Jennifer x."