sine die

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Sine Die

[Latin, Without day.] Without day; without assigning a day for a further meeting or hearing.

A legislative body adjourns sine die when it adjourns without appointing a day on which to appear or assemble again.

sine die

adverb at no period, at no time, never, never again, on no occasion, without date

sine die

‘without day, indefinitely’.

SINE DIE. Without day. A judgment for a defendant in many cases is quod eat sine die, that he may go without day. While the cause is pending and undetermined, it may be continued from term to term by dies datus. (q.v.) See Huxley's Judgments & Rastal's Entries, passim; Co. Litt. 362b & 363a. When the court or other body rise at the end of a session or term they adjourn sine die.

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As a similar situation prevailed when the house met for business, the speaker had no option but to adjourn it sine die.
Rodriguez said they are targeting to have the BBL passed before the sine die adjournment of Congress on June 11.
Hyderabad As the Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly, totally divided on regional lines, was abruptly adjourned sine die yesterday amid confusion and chaos, the state government has managed to buy considerable time to deal with the issue of moving the Telangana resolution in the House.
ANBAR / Aswat al-Iraq: A curfew was imposed sine die in Ramadi on Sunday after three car bomb blasts left dozens killed or wounded, a police source in al-Anbar province said.
THE Disciplinary Committee of the Greyhound Regulatory Board this week warned off three registered licence holders sine die and handed out fines totalling pounds 7,000 in the fallout from a greyhound cruelty case which last month led to one of the trio being jailed, writes Jonathan Kay.
Lashing at the unruly behavior displayed by legislators, Chatterjee threatened to adjourn the House sine die.
Under the statutory definition, accordingly (1) continuity of session is broken just when Congress adjourns its last session pursuant to a concurrent resolution for a sine die adjournment; and (2) the count of "days of continuous session" pauses on exactly those days on which both houses, or either one of them, is not in session pursuant to a concurrent resolution for a recess of more than three days.
TWENTY two players have been suspended sine die by Birmingham County FA in the aftermath of an alleged assault on a referee last season by a player who was never identified.
Former Salford player Ian Blease was banned sine die in 1997 for assaulting a touch judge.
The industry says it is "deeply disappointed" with Barroso's decision to postpone sine die the draft recommendation proposed by the Internal Market Commissioner, Charlie McCreevy, on 13 December 2006, advocating that the levies charged on consumer devices (CD, DVD, MP3 players, scanners, printers, etc) be progressively eliminated.
For bung-busters to hand down sine die bans for anyone who is found to have succumbed to corruption.
To our way of thinking, the governor will get his wish and will announce a gas pipeline project before the Legislature goes sine die in May--but it will be built in counterparts.