sine nomine

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We are delighted to be working with Sine Nomine Associates to help SnapVantage software customers optimize the power and value of their data storage infrastructures," said Tom Major, StorageTek vice president and general manager, Disk Business Unit.
Sine Nomine Associates is proud to offer our professional implementation and training services to help StorageTek's SnapVantage software users streamline their storage installations for Linux for System/390 environments," said Evan Macbeth, director of Strategy, Sine Nomine Associates.
1) Sine Nomine Associates, "A Comparison of HP BladeSystem c-Class with HP Thermal Logic to Competitive Systems," Feb.
For example, one of Matthaeus Pipelare's Masses had been previously known as Sine nomine, until approximately two years ago, when a student (Adam Gilbert) working on his dissertation attributed its model to a song by Busnoys.
The ducal library, grown to 512 titles recorded in a catalogue of 1495, holds only the Liber sine nomine and one other unidentified Latin text by Petrarch, but it boasts all his lyric production, as well as commentaries on the Triumphs by Bernardo Lapini Ilicino and Jacopo di Poggio Bracciolini.
I might suggest the Sine nomine VI which, though starting with an analogous sentence, "Piget incepisse, sed et desinere itidem pudet," speaks of the abundance of "materia" for tragedies, which no one is writing, not comedies.
The results derive from a week-long study conducted by Sine Nomine Associates of Ashburn, Va.
This was a well-blended account under festival director George Vass, a conductor who knows how to get the best out of willing choristers (here the remarkable Sine Nomine International Touring Choir), and who wisely kept things moving, giving the saccharine no chance to congeal.
30am Sung Mass, Missa Sine Nomine - Palestrina, Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace - Wesley.