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StorageTek(R) (Storage Technology Corp.) (NYSE:STK), the storage services and solutions expert, has signed an agreement with Sine Nomine Associates (SNA).
This new collection of organ pieces contains six works appropriate for the church service and includes settings of the well-known and much-used tunes "Picardy," "Amazing Grace," "Sine Nomine" and "Ode to Joy," as well as a work inspired by "An Iona Boat Song." The volume ends with a free composition, "The Jubilant Trumpet," which provides a rollicking postlude to the entire collection.
The Ockeghem works included here are the Missa sine nomine, Ut Heremita solus, and Alma redemptoris Mater.
The Perugia-based ensemble Sine Nomine's more plainly titled Zachara: cantore dell'antipapa (Quadrivium sca 027, rec 1992) concentrates on his songs.
However, in 1906, Ralph Vaughan Williams's tune Sine Nomine became linked with "For All the Saints" and Engelberg was almost forgotten.
For instance, the Missa sine nomine a3, probably Ockeghem's earliest surviving Mass (?1440s), has recently come under suspicion for its stylistic incompatibility with later Masses (which are mostly four-part cantus firmus cycles).
(4) See Pfeiffer's notes ad loc., including his observation that `Ovidius semper Coum poetam sine nomine proprio significat'.
The musical festivities will begin on Tuesday with a performance by the Tete a Tete and the Sine Nomine choirs.
Even more stimulating was Tarik O'Regan's A Letter of Rights (words drawn from Magna Carta) on Sunday night, featuring the amazingly virtuosic Sine Nomine International Touring Choir and Vass's festival strings, including the gentlest of tinkling percussion, in stunning form.
Starter System for System z, developed for Novell by Sine Nomine Associates, includes utilities and configuration tools to easily create an installation server and simplify the entire process of installing Linux* on a System z mainframe.
Additionally, users can browse by Sine nomine, or literally "Masses without name." One thing missing is a link back to the home page.
Alan Hunter, 18, and Amber Esklee, 17, of North Shields, per-form with Sine Nomine at 1pm.