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Summary: A sinewy man covered in thick soot stands in a grey cloud of smoke, watching ...
Bones prised from the cloak of bark and soil, sinewy and disgraced by this sudden disinterment, hefted pale into the cold dark like a stone carried clear and dripping from a river, heavy and weighted with the tarnish of plunder, a Gunn-e-darr man, rising, carrying his country as witness to patternings of shame no craniometer can measure.
The ears are elongated and sinewy and covered with hair to serve as shock absorbers or sound cushions because the noises of this world are too brutal for its eardrums.
discretion, archetypal, synonymous with high heels and sinewy
In just a short time, the Swansea-born star's famous figures has been transformed from voluptuous to thin and sinewy.
Although none of the original members remain, their tone remains bright and metallic but sinewy enough to carry the complex development and expression required by the string quartet form, as evidenced by their opening work, Haydn's G major Op.
She adds: "And if you are a successful woman and beautiful, in Britain, you're even more disliked." But I can't dislike her when she says of rival Hollywood actresses: "I refuse to conform to this muscly, sinewy look that so many actresses seem to think is attractive.
When a sinewy young man called Yousuf Pathan was first named in the Twenty-20 squad for that 2007 World Cup, the perception was that the senior of the Pathan brothers was there to make up the members.
CHEAPER cuts of venison tend to be sinewy and tough and are only good for braising or stewing.
On the other hand, "Making It Up As We Go Along" could have been written for a musical melodrama of 1930s vintage, and "Waiting Tables" sets wry lyrics about waiting for one's big break to a sinewy, bebop-derived head played by a large but nimble horn section.
Had they managed to sell the place for a profit I'd have half-expected gangs of sinewy men with black faces, safety lamps and high-visibility vests, singing Sosban Fach to come high-kicking across the screen, while rosy-cheeked women in stove pipe hats waved oversized leeks behind them.
It also turns out that Gibson is a chip off the old block in the killing department, but before he can avenge his father's death, he must get into fighting shape with a little help from the Fraternity's Zen master of a leader, Sloane (Morgan Freeman), and tough-cookie Fox (Angelina Jolie, in sinewy Mr.