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Included in this second category are sinful acts by leaders in the church's name, for example, bishops' conferences supporting military dictatorships, and the sinful social structures of the church itself that have ongoing harmful effects on the church and the world.
Audrey did assure fans that they were both virgins at the time of their wedding, but she revealed that they had indulged in "sinful behavior" before saying "I do" to each other.
But all the while orthodox preachers and influencers of all faiths continue to press home messages that being gay is a sinful lifestyle choice.
The Seven Sinful Sisters, as we term them, include Sugar, Salt, Saturated fat, Spirits (alcohol), Sitting time (sedentary life style), Steroids (including other drugs) and stress.
Our sinful nature desires power more than anything else.
We should not be tempted to go back to sinful habits.'
Before people believe in Jesus, they're controlled by sinful thoughts and behavior: "Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things" (Romans 8:5).
But she was not necessarily the unnamed sinful woman referred to by Luke.
General Shoukat Ali had levelled baseless allegation of sinful on Adnan and he hadn't given evidence of this allegation.
"TOO DEEP IN COOKIE JARThe mzee told me the church's assembly began on the wrong sinful footing.
"Thus, we state FGM in all its forms to be religiously impermissible and sinful.
Sibal's statement comes a day after the bench wondered how the Muslim community could claim it was fundamental to the religion when they themselves admitted it was " sinful" and " worst form of divorce".