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Yes, and eleven grocer's children were called after her, but not one of them could sing a note.
And as he felt in his heart all the beauty and wonder of the world, the glory and the might of the sea and sky, he would ask in dumb pain why, when he could feel it touch his heart, he could not also sing of the beauty and wonder, glory and might.
Natasha, that winter, had for the first time begun to sing seriously, mainly because Denisov so delighted in her singing.
You have never heard Harris sing a comic song, or you would understand the service I had rendered to mankind.
Villa Kennan the Thrush-throated Songstress, and Sing Song Silly the Irish-Terrier Tenor," her husband pictured the head-lines for her.
She could not accompany herself, but she could sing music at sight very well.
You must sing to me with your breast against a thorn.
At the shot the prahu slowed up, and a volley of musketry from her crew satisfied Sing that he had made no mistake in classifying her.
GOTT IM HIMMEL, ABER, how he has been able to sing twenty-five years ago?
O my soul, now have I given thee all, and even my last possession, and all my hands have become empty by thee:--THAT I BADE THEE SING, behold, that was my last thing to give!
Kwaque, on stolen occasions when Steward was not around, would get out his Jews' harp and by the sheer compellingness of the primitive instrument make Michael sing with him the barbaric and devil-devil rhythms of King William Island.
Then he touched all the other birds with the flower, so that they all took their old forms again; and he took Jorinda home, where they were married, and lived happily together many years: and so did a good many other lads, whose maidens had been forced to sing in the old fairy's cages by themselves, much longer than they liked.